The “purpose” of life is a subject that has been considered and debated over for many millennia. The idea that this gift of life is purely the consequence of random events and processes emerging from chance may be the logical conclusion for some, however I find myself at odds with such a conclusion.

The emergence of new models of thinking at these times leaves one with either the feeling of helplessness caused by the sheer numbers and complexities from these models, or it provides some stimulus for the ordinary person as it empowers them enough to attempt to self define their own spiritual path.

Consequently, the numbers of ideas emerging from individuals feely available is evidenced in unprecedented numbers at this time, a creative explosion even. And the emergence of these ideas actually fit into some modern ideas how complex life is derived.

The recent BBC series about Super Swarms postulated about the emergence of a *swarm intelligence* that was greater than the sum of its parts. Examples were shown that demonstrated animals and insects, when gather in large numbers, loosing some or all of their individuality in favour of the collective intelligence that was driving the swarm to its objective, sometimes to the point of death for the individual. Also, when in a swarm environment, these individual animals were shown to demonstrate abilities beyond what we may have, on first sight, considered to be beyond the norm.

For example, it was shown that when in a collective and to achieve the precision and agility demonstrated in the skies at certain times of the year in flocks, starlings had to be spacially aware of a minimum of seven other birds around them at any one time for them to be able to perform the synchronicity required to keep the tight formations of flying.

The fact that animals may demonstrate abilities beyond the human norm may not be that much of a surprise on an instinctive level, but for it to be demonstrated factually to be the case, leaves one to ponder the reality of whether the “true” identity of an individual is best expressed at an individual level or whether it is when in collaboration with other individuals that the “true” individual intelligence emerges.

I have speculated elsewhere on this site about the concept of the human conduit, the idea that the human body is a vessel for multicomplex processes and communittees that of themselves, could be self sustaining, but when afforded the conditions to work in conjunction through the conduit of the human body, create a new intelligence.

To put this simply, communittees of living biological cells and pathways created by individual processes, combine along with other communittees through the conduit of the human body to create the human individual.

Animals demonstrating what we may consider to be a heightened sense of self awareness also demonstrate a greater number of these communittees and processes.

If we look at the biology of the human brain for example, it has been shown that for the brain to continue to function there has to be a collective of processes to preserve its functions.

The entire structure of the brain is completely rebuilt at least once a year. This means that the cells responsible for physical activities and the neural pathways, which the brain uses to store information about sensory perception and experiences have to be rebuilt a minimum of once a year.

If we revert to a reductionist framework which asserts that neural pathways are built through physical experiences, wouldn’t it be logical that humanity should be experiencing some form of mass “groundhog day”, continually going through the same experiences to recreate these pathways in order to preserve our sense of inividuality? Humanity would have the memory capacity of about a year max.

Yet, as we know, this is not the case. The answer, to me, would appear to be that another process, not residing exclusively in a physical nature, may provide storage, much in the same way the “cloud” facility of modern computer systems operates. This “cloud” emerges through our individual experiences and stores these experiences making them accessible for the body at later times.

Another process, or even possibly the same process under a different name, the sub or unconscious aspect of the human, fits the same functions. It may be the collective storage facility of all the data being provided by the numerous communittees of biological entities living in and upon the human body.

The greater the numbers of communittees and processes present, the greater the identification and sense of the individual intelligence. The lower the numbers, the less developed and distinct indentification with self awareness.


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