Along with birth, death is the only other common experience, beyond the day to day physical neccessities of maintaining the human body, that the whole of life experiences. Death creates creates fear in humanity, the fear of loosing what we consider to be the essence of us, our individuality.

Religions have been mainly, but not completely, responsible for using this end as a tool by which to enforce ideas about moral judgments that would be made at the end of a persons physical existence. It is a very powerful behavioural controller that still evidences itself virtually any time a person picks up a newspaper or see a news report today.

Yet if we consider the evidence, the only thing we can say with certaintity is that death spells the end of the physical body’s ability to continue to host living processes and communittees in the manor it did previously.

It does not follow therefore, that these processes and communittees used by the body for sensory perception, of themselves, cease to function. The processes and communittees may still exist, but it may be that for them to continue to operate in the same way, they will require the services of a new host. Or it maybe that the end of the functioning of their original hosts body results in these processes and communittes themselves experiencing transformation. But that is not to say that they experience death as we do.

The first Law of Thermodynamics backs up my assertion that the results of these processes and communitttees may still be present in the environment after their hosts biological body breaks down after death.

I would suggest therefore, that the major consequence of death may be that the individuals self awareness, built up over time by these entities sharing our physical presence, transmutes into a greater individual intelligence, in keeping with the model I am presenting in this section.

It was recently claimed that the 7th billionth individual had been born on Earth. If one purpose of the human is to experience the physical world through its ability to act as a conduit for a multicomplex series of processes and communittees, then this information tied up to create the greater sense of self awareness within that individual human body, may go towards the next stage in evolutional intelligence development. Some may even assert it to represent planetary consciousness.


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