Current Overview

The purpose of this section has been to record for myself, as much as anyone else, the steps and the reasoning that has led me to my current spiritual framework.

Ancient frameworks can be moulded into current practices, which of itself is a creative endeavour when done sensibly. However the extremist viewpoint demonstrated in some areas of the world today, moves that endeavour away from a creative one and into a rigid one. One that is resistent to the one constant in our lives, change.

For the last 20 years or so, my own developing spiritual path has been rooted in the land, the ancestors and recently, the Gods associated with Britain. This does not imply that this path is in anyway superior to any one elses path, merely that for whatever reason, is best suited to my own biological circumstances.

In fact, the entities I have encountered over these years have appeared to singularly lack any sign of imposed will over me. I have to say it has been more of a case of co-operation, with me being the slower party to latch on to the concepts being patiently shown to me.

I have found some of the models presented recently, and specifically the ones I have highlighted in this series of posts, to fit well into my practice. For me, the idea that the thoughts and experiences of my own self awareness may be present in a form that spans both the physical and spiritual aspects of life, to be one that not only forms some form of comfort to me, but also means that it establishes the precedent that if these things are in the environment from my own experiences, then other beings and entities experiences must be available for, at worst, partial access to anyone experiencing the physical aspect of life.

Science can provide the evidential models for us to consider, but in my opinion, it is the human spirit that allows us to “weave” this material into something beyond the sum of its parts. It is a form of art as opposed to a strictly testable set of hypothesis.

For me, this grounds my spiritual path into the realities of today and as such, I find it to be both relevent and practical to me. If this reasoning in any way is either relevent or helpful to yourselves, then all the more better.


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