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The question of the significance of the equinoxs has been raised recently on the Caer Feddwyd forum. The general consensus was that these were largely insignificant for the majority. I am one though, for whom this is not true. My own seasonal rituals have always been solar based and I don’t particularly connect with some of the cultural fire festivals. I believe that this is because my own interactions are and continue to, mainly, eminate through the medium of the land and the collective of ancestors. This means the interactions are based in physicality, and because the sun is a physical entity, I believe this is why the solar festivals are significant for me. The collective of ancestors were also, initially, based in physicality (although it is my understanding that not all of them have experienced the physical) so the link continues for me.

It is my experience that the equinoxs are a time when the year tips from light to dark or vice versa and this time of change is experienced by me pretty much as a time that most Pagans would associate with Samhain, the thinning of the veils. Another connection that makes my experiences with the equinoxs so much more than the general experience within Brython is that both of my parents were born on each of the equinoxs so it’s possible that my experiences are somewhat unusual.

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My recent change in both marital, employment and living conditions have afforded me with time to do things that have always had to be put on the “backburner” previously. Foremost of these has been the time to visit some of the places associated with spiritual aspects of my developing Brythonic aspects.


As chance would have it and by completely independent paths, another member of Brython, through a change of marital status was also afforded opportunity through freed time, to be able to do a similar thing. So we decided that it would be interesting to jointly visit these places with a view to sharing our differing perspectives. So it has been my pleasure to visit some places with Potia over the last few months and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.

As has been attested to here with my posting, my own perspectives tend to be afforded through interactions with a, mostly, nameless collective revealed as an ancestral collective and through the medium of the land. I have never been afforded any names so as to link in with deity. Potia’s interactions though, have been almost exclusively deity driven interactions, so we figured that visiting these places jointly should result in at least one of us be interactive.

What we didn’t figure though, was that each of us would facilitate the others interactions in a way not previously available to us independently. So, as a result, I have now had interactions with named deities and Potia has connected to the medium of the land stronger than at any time previously.

This has resulted in a shared perspective that neither of us would have even remotely considered as possible previously. I think it is fair to say that the repocussions of this are still being felt and will continue to do so as our Shared Personal Gnosis (SPG) moves forward.


It was during sone of these visits, concentrating on North West England and South West Scotland, that I experienced interactions with the deity known as Maponus. He has subsequently appeared at varying locations, some most unexpected such as in a relief at Vindolanda. The nature of Maponus, along with some other essentially Brythonic deities, has always been somewhat ambiguous


A visit to Lochmabon resulted in me receiving information that told me the nature of deity interactions with this deity were facilitated by the process of “Inbetween”.


This made imediate sense in so much as Maponus was traditionally thought to inhabit several realms, a being that may be now be thought of today, as being transdimensional (between realms or dimensions) . At the time though, I had the feeling that this was not the complete end to the meaning of this information.


It has become our initial belief through SPG, that the land and the entities associated with it, are mostly feminine in nature (though not exclusively so. However in a Brythonic framework, this matches best at this time, our experiences). As such, these entities are understood to be associated with the right of Sovereignty through the medium of the land. On the whole, and again not exclusively, deity tends to be masculine in nature and mostly associated with Dominion and the granting of such to a culture or individual.

In the context of earlier times, this would have been a framework widely understood on a practical level as interactions with both masuline and feminine deities would have been integral to life being sustained through living on and through, the land. It is a concept that fits well with most people (in my limited experience) who currently describe themselves as Pagan today.


However, our context has been drastically changed in the last 100 odd years and although we understand through cultural empathy and scholarly study of these earlier times these earlier concepts, to be able to use these concepts in a 21st century context is becoming increasingly more difficult. To interact with a deity whose characteristics were that of granting the conditions to be able to create a bountiful harvest for the common good has now, mostly, been drastically negated through modern agricultural practices and chemical additives that create the right conditions for the majority of the time.


Thus, the interactions between the feminine land and the masculine deity, through fertlity rituals and the like, have been mostly negated to the role of cultural curiosity. This inter-related fertlity cycle has been made mostly “impotent” by modern practices. And it has occurred to me that this impotence may have resulted in the current disconnection felt by people today. This is more keenly felt by those, IMO, using the term pagan as a self descriptor.


Because we no longer have sole reliance on the availing weather conditions for the production of food in this country, with lots of food being imported so as to provide for us in the comparably wealthy west, our interactions with these deities has now altered. Now, I for one, am not suggesting that we move back to this framework of leaving our food needs to the whims of nature, I appreciate as much as anyone else, the benefit of being able to purchase food at anytime of the year. Neither am I suggesting wholesale abandonment of such processes, that would be, IMO, an inachievable pipe dream.


It has, therefore, occurred to me that our role in these interactions has placed us in a place of being “inbetween” ourselves. Our current cultural position means that we are not reliant on the whim of otherworldly beings and, as such, these other beings are now in a position themselves of being culturally and ritually impotent in many ways.


This disconnection, though not consciously for most, results in interactions that may, for the want of a better word, be somewhat “lacking” in both meaning and relevence, a disconnection in very real terms. UPG suggests to me that this has been facilitated voluntarily by these otherworldly beings so the question now is, “How do we create a means in a 21st century context, by which to take some responsibility for ourselves in both re-eatablishing the links with these beings, though in a more reciprical way, that pays respect to earlier ideas whilst at the same time, moves these interactions into a framework that is more in keeping with life today?”

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