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….has a tendency to shake you up just when you don’t expect it. My absence from this and other web based sites has been enforced through life changing circumstances that started originally last November (2010) with my ill fated TDN talk (and I know people who saw it and have been in contact with me since, have said it was a very hard subject to convey and they thought I was OK, it’s just my own uncomfort at the inept way I tried to present the case has left me more than a little uncomfortable as I generally speak OK in public having to deal with the public in “real life” so to speak, every day in my working life!).

It was around this time that problems in my personal life, specifically my marriage, started to present themselves to me. I have been married for over 27 years now and in that time, it has recently struck me how both of us have changed from the people we were when we first married and I may be guilty of viewing my wife with eyes from then and not now. Which is not fair or proper for either of us. So a process of reassessment then took place and I realised that neither of us were the people we were and that we had very little in common now. So now was the time to assess whether we still had enough in common to continue or whether it would be sensible to seperate and restructure our lives seperately.

The latter option would appear to me to the necessary course of action. We have been together for 30 years in total and we have raised 2 kids in that time who are now fully functioning adults with their own lives. My work situation is also now under extreme scrutinity and I am now in a position of having to deal with the security of only a month to month type of security, with the threat of loosing my job looming over me on an almost weekly basis.

So everything that has represented the foundations to my life has been either removed or shaken to the extent of a Japanese earthquake. This would appear to be the ending of one part of my life. A new era beckons….


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