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One of the constants in my life is my love of music. And just like as a person I change through time crafted by experience, my musical tastes have changed also. So, in a purely self indulgent kind of a way, I will be posting music here that has had an effect on me. I start with a song off the latest CD I recently brought. I’m not one for profanities normally, but this is just fucking awesome…

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The establishment and consequent work done here has been a journey that I had not forseen would involve the volume of materials that I have published. To date, this site has 35 posts at an average of 1100 words per post, a staggering amount of information previously tied up in my head. Therefore, I have decided to take stock, using the advice of a very good friend. I have difficulty accepting there would be any interest in my personal thoughts and as such, my posts have been of primarily a style more suited to academic research as I prefer to offer the facts as I see them and invite people to comment and thus engage in moving things forward. It would appear though, that my style of being able to condense such a large amount of information into these pieces is very problematic in general. Therefore I will endeavour to offer a more bullet point approach and break these down to more managable sizes, which will probably lead to an increase in posting frequency but a sizable reduction in content, more in keeping with personable blogs.

My work with my Religion of the Soil hypothesis has lead me to establish a separate site specifically for this subject, which I now realise is the sensible way forward. Therefore, most of the material relating to this will now be taken off this particular site with a view to effecting the changes I have highlighted above.


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