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The Lens of the Land

My time at the moment is taken up with preparations for my upcoming talk at The Druid Network’s Conference in November. The subject will be my Religion of the Soil hypothesis, which is not official Brythonic agreed cosmological worldview, but my own developing understanding and as such, is meeting some resistance, as historically does most changes of agreed perspectives. I have been applying the hypothesis to various scenario’s and have found it to be providing a differing perspective and as such, is hugely useful as , IMO, perspectives inevitably change with the submission and interpretation of new information.

One major change of perspective is the realization that the idea of a communal ancestral ideaology means that the physical substance of soil, if viewed as the physical interacting remains of the ancestors, may in modern terms be viewed as an interactive component in transmutation. To put this crudely, the soil may have been thought of as acting as a lens for the process of interactions. This strengthens the assertion that the earthern banks evidenced in henges were more than just a structure with which to enclose an area, but were actually integral in the process of transmuting the information that may have been provided by the ancestors in rituals and everyday interactions. As such, I find my animistic understanding to resonate with this perspective as it suggests both a means and method of process that is in keeping with my own experiences.

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